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One of my favorite things in BTUFF is Pat Brown’s transformation. Pat is owner of Lifetime Fitness and has accepted the challenge of transforming a new client in front of the BTUFF crowd. He introduced me to Mark Grady today who has steped up in front of an entire magazine audience to prove he’s willing to stick it out and change his life. We’ll be posting ongoing photos of mark both in the magazine and on here.

– Bakersfield Tuff

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<em>Tuff Transformations</em></p>

Tuff Transformations

He’s changed my life! I
am a happier and
healthier person

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“A good friend of mine who lost 30 pounds in a month doing the pat brown system told me about Lifetime Fitness and Pat Brown. I had been wanting to make a change in my life and I wanted to become a healthier and more active person so I thought I would go check Lifetime Fitness out. Immediately Pat made me feel like family and at ease which is very important in the whole scheme of things. It’s easy to make excuses to not make the gym on any particular day but the way pat runs his gym those excuses became no more. I’ve lost 65 pounds since joining and I run 5 miles every Saturday, He’s changed my life! I am a happier and healthier person, I’ve met new friends at lifetime Fitness and actually look forward to the gym.I recommended Lifetime Fitness to anybody. We are all one big family who supports one another and wants everybody to reach there goal of health and happiness.”

– Jason

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