Josh Jackson - 2015 Cal Spas Super Moto Open Champion, 2015 War Triple Crown Open Pro Champion, AMA National Super Moto 2nd overall 250 Pro Lites
2014 Perrin Kootstra · 2014 Super Stock Track Champion · 2015 2nd Place Track Champion
Kenny Phillips

Kenny Phillips age: 33 . Kenny has lost over 140 lbs. which took him over a year to accomplished. Not only has his body changed , his attitude towards life has changed as well. Kenny takes on any and every challenge that comes his way.

Congrats Debra!

Zack Foster
Lost over 65 lbs

Zack Foster, went to his brothers game and then saw his PICTURE, that was his moment… He said I knew my brother Colby Lewis has been training with Pat Brown, so he decided to make a change….Zack told Pat “I am ready to make a LIFE STYLE CHANGE… He has lost over 65 lbs

Four Months - Lost 50 pounds

Making a New Year’s Resolution doesn’t have to take all year…. Caneel made a decision in January. She chose to make a change. It’s not May yet, she LOST 50lbs, Has gone down 4 dress sizes… THE PAT BROWN SYSTEM works !!!!!

Lost over 75 lbs

PB System makes you want to take your shirt off! Jason has NEVER seen his abs until he met Pat Brown. In less then 9 months, Jason lost over 75lbs and This summer his shirt will be off proudly thanks to the PB system and Jason’s dedication.

Mike Ludwig
Lost over 37 lbs

Mike Ludwig came in and said “I AM READY PAT BROWN”… Lost over 37 lbs… waist is NOW a 34… WOW…

Size 14 to a Size 2, lost 50+ Pounds

Size 14, 50 pounds heavier, Lesly size 2…with killer ARMS
Lesly finally said, I am sick of just losing a little weight then, gaining it back.. She made a decision to “JUST DO IT”.. Not only did she follow The Pat Brown System, but joined his walking classes.. she literally WALKED the extra miles. Lost 48-50lbs, went from a dress size of 12/14 to NOW 2/4…

Kris Kilbourn

My neighbor wanted to drop a few and put on size… in about three months: The Pat Brown System happened…..
Kris, wanted to put on size and lose a few lbs.
In a few months he will be 21, Way to stay focused: 3 months later.. Keep Flexing Kris… Great Job

lost 30+ Pounds

Her exact words: “Since starting the Pat Brown System I have lost a total of 30 lbs. and down 3 sizes. I am sticking to the Pat Brown System for my overall health and well being – I feel better, have more energy – there is no looking back!”

Pat Brown
May 2009 - April 24, 2010 - Lost 119 Pounds

In May of 2009 I took on a challenge: first week of May, Why I know it’s every year this time, we take our son to for his birthday to LEGOLAND OR DISNEYLAND… WHAT A DIFFERENCE A YEAR MAKES… 119 LBS OF DIFFERENCE…

Brooke Lutter
Lost 50+ Pounds

Brooke Lutter lost over 50lbs w/in 4 months… He was sick and tired on losing a few and gaining it back, finally said: I am taking my life back and Pat Brown is the tool that will keep me there….

Lost 45+ Pounds

Jerald P. has joined the PB system: and within 8 weeks lost over 45lbs.

Lost 60+ Pounds

Deciding to make a change after he saw his Beer Belly in Vegas…
Josh lost over 60 lbs on The Pat Brown System.

90 Days

What a difference 90 days has made in Gary’s life!
Gary wanted to get off his high blood medications: and he is no longer taking 3 types of pills! He got on the PBS, got tired of looking at his self in mirror, he tried all the fade diets then said he needs to MAKE A CHANGE NOW… He wants to be healthy and live!

On my journey to losing weight, I found that dedicating myself to eating properly, exercise consistently and proper supplementation resulted in losing over 140 lbs of unwanted fat in less than one year.When I lowered my body fat to single digits, I decided to enter in a Master’s Natural Body Building Competition. In the back of my mind, I have always wanted to enter a competition when I was in my “20’s”, but I never truly acted on it. Now, in my “40’s”, I was finally going to accomplish one of my goals.To get there, I put the Pat Brown System supplementation to the test. I kept a journal on what I was eating and followed a steady workout regimen.

When it came to supplementation, I feel that I had quite the advantage over my future competitors.At the time of training for my competition, I had just finished creating my supplemental line to boost your metabolism, boost your energy, boost your fat burning, suppress your appetite, restore your body with quality sleep and tighten your skin while you are dropping inches around your belly/hips.When I created the Pat Brown System, I realized that I needed the best and brightest doctors, chemists and manufacturers on my team to make the Pat Brown System the best.


8 weeks from my Competition:

I used the Pat Brown System food to keep me on track. It was simple and convenient. These delicious portion controlled meals are higher in protein, low in carbs and nutritious. This food arrived at my front door sealed and frozen. I would simply microwave and eat in less than three minutes. So simple and effective.

Every morning, the first thing I did was take “Jump Start”. This 2 ounce Lightening in a bottle gave me instant energy, which lasts throughout the day, while burning fat without the jitters.If you have seen my before pictures at over 330 lbs, you can guess that I was a big eater. I knew that I needed to create an appetite suppressant that would keep me in check while I was getting ready to compete. I called it “Keep it Together”. This sublingual product lived up to its name. I took “Keep it Together” 15-30 min before every meal. This allowed me to walk away from the table feeling satisfied without going back for seconds.

As you know, the scale is just not the only measure of your physical success. Reducing inches, I believe, around your waist/hips/and legs is the true mark of success. That is why it took my team of doctors and chemists over six years to develop the ultimate fat burning sublingual to decrease those unwanted inches. I called it “One Shot Fat Burner”. I used this product twice a day which truly helped me lose those stubborn love handles.

Being in my “40’s”, I knew that I needed to get quality sleep to recover and burn fat around the clock. “Wind-Down” was born for that purpose. I took “Wind-Down” every night and woke up refreshed every morning ready to take on the day.As I was losing those inches throughout my body, I was noticing that my skin was a little saggy. That is why I needed to develop “Tighten Up” to firm that skin while I was losing those inches. I simply took two tablets a day. That simple.

The night of the show, I was 172 lbs from 337 lbs a year ago. I was under 5% body fat and tight – read to go after that trophy.I won my class and brought home that trophy. What a personal victory! Later that year, I won two more competitions.

What the Pat Brown System did for me can assist anyone towards their own fitness goals.

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